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EERA's training season from mid September

till May on weekends (Fridays 'n Saturdays) 

Departure from Kharma Endurance Center in Abusir

(for more details, please sms or email us on

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 Barley sprouts releases many vitamins and minerals as well as converting hard to digest starches in easily digestible proteins. 

EERA new project: Fresh Barley Sprouts
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For centuries, people have been riding horses for a variety of reasons, ranging from war to sport to the pure pleasure of riding. Endurance riding in particular is an equestrians sport based on controlled long distance races that require safe tracks in secure natural settings and well preserved environment


Egyptian Endurance Riding Association, EERA, is the first NGO in Egypt to promote endurance riding as sport and a new discipline within the equestrian activities. 


EERA is based in the center of endurance riding in Egypt: Abu Sir/Sakkara area and it is registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity in 2000 under number 1561.  EERA is non profit organization that was created through a private initiative of a number of active, committed and enthusiastic endurance riders who had the vision of promoting distance riding as organized sports as well as improve the environmental and living conditions of the area in which they ride. It is a politically, religiously and ideologically independent organization.



Desert Rides


Membership includes endurance riders, social riders as well as non-riders.The cohesiveness of this multi-interest group comes from a common love of horses, a united desire to preserve and improve the sport of endurance riding and a strong commitment to improve and enhance the living conditions of their local community.


In addition to weekend training rides,   EERA organizes competitive rides of relatively limited distances. These may be 30 to 100 km and are usually followed by a lovely brunch. Primarily EERA is the perfect club for desert riders who would like to participate in long distance rides on a regular basis and  in good company.

EERA's objective is to promote knowledge of the care, feeding, and riding of distance horses. We work with vets and knowledgeable horsemen and discuss information gained from various sources.

Primarily EERA is the perfect club for desert riders who would like to participate in long distance rides on a regular basis and in good company.


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Information on membership, activities, competitions, as well as links to other endurance organisations worldwide and sites with informational value are available inside.

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