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“Environmental Upgrading of Abu Sir Village with Emphasis on Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Project " funded by the Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF)  with a total grant of LE 1,700,000. 

The project focuses on implementing a comprehensive approach for improving the environmental and living conditions of Abusir village local community. 
The project succeeded in implementing an environmentally sound and financially sustainable system for proper collection and disposal of garbage and liquid waste (gray water) as well as regular evacuation of septic tanks.  Moreover; the project is also running an environmental awareness campaign in the village where local mobilizers, community natural leaders as well as EERA members are collaborating to raise the community environmental and hygiene awareness levels. 
The community members especially youth and children participated with EERA board members and project staff in cleaning the accumulated garbage in the village and the area adjacent to the cemetery at the west edge.
Serious efforts were also exerted in cleaning up the canal but results were not so far satisfactory due to community embedded habits of dumping waste in the irrigation canals


    Project Satff

Cleaning up campaign


Canal Before and After Cleaning


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