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"Protection of Traditional Cultural Heritage - The Palm Tree Crafts

A Window to a Sustainable Income Generating Activity for the Poor Youth funded by UNESCO"

The palm tree crafts project is designed  and developed within the context of the UN Millennium  development goals. The project focuses on job creation and enhancing social development through capacity building.

The palm trees craft project has been selected for its abundance in our  village of Abu Sir.  The project is to direct the variety of palm tree productivity to the advantage of tourism and national communities, such as: decorative ornaments, light dry wood outdoor furniture, vannerie, etc….

Objectives :

  • Establish eco-crafts workshops to generate job opportunities in the aim of a sustainable income for the underprivileged families and local communities and upgrade their living conditions by enhancing their abilities to participate in human and economic growth.
  • Decrease delinquency rates among youths through training in profit generating activities.
  • Create an integrated economic entity within the local community.
  • Provide the beneficiary group necessary guidance in traditional eco-crafts in order for their products to attract tourists and also be recognized and valued in the international markets.

Expected Output :

  1. To establish traditional handicraft workshops in the aim of generating job opportunities,improve the quality of Egyptian crafts which will lead to a sustainable income for the underprivileged and local communities.
  2. It also aims at eradicating poverty in areas nearby world heritage sites, as a first step towards awareness of beauty, environment and tourism promotion.


Project prgoress:

Training is currently conducted twice a week, every Saturday and Monday. Training has started in March 2008, the number of trainees at present reached 25 ladies. By the fall of 2008, the trainees should be able to:

i. Generate final variety of products for consumer sales.

ii. Selection the most efficent and outstanding trainees  to become trainers to other trainees. (Currently some 15 ladies are waiting listed for the second training course).


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