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February 24, 2006


This was a women's day!

Ladies have dominated this race, the first 5 riders were female riders. Keep it up Ladies!!

Winners were:

1. Celine Atmitim

2. Jane Aziz

3. Myriam Huth

4. Desiree Huth

5. Sabrine Kharma


The 20 km ride results were:

1. Ali Abdel Rahim

2. Pal Thoresen

3. Celine Kharma

4. Dina Wagih


May 5,2006

Stud Farm Events

Riders were luck the weather was great!

Not as hot as was expected

Ride was short and easy which invited many riders to speed up.

Most of them didnt pass Vet check

Too bad!!


Winners were as follows:

1. Palmetta

2. Al Forat

3. Foda

For the 20 km single loop ride, winners were:

1. Abdalla Sha'arawi

2.Mita Saadwi

Desiree Huth

Well done keep it up!


November 3,2006

First autumn ride

Weather conditions were great

The level of riders was remarkably higher than last season and great improvement in endurance

culture and displine.

There were 2 levels on competition:

45 km in mostly soft terrain

30 km in same terrain

This kind of terrain is much harder

on horses than hard grounds.

Judging was perfect and very smooth.

Horses conditions coming in were perfect.

Congratulations to all riders, organizers, vets and judges.

Winners were

45 km ride: Celine Atmitim came in first

followed by Mohamed S. Kharma runner-up

 30 km ride: Hamed Shalaby first

followed by Ali Abdel Rahim runner-up


April 7, 2006

Contrary to February event, this one was a male dominated race!


Winners for the 40 km were:

1. Ali Abdel Rahim

2. Sherif Foda


Winners at the 20 km  were:

1. Murad Sedki

2. Hamed Shalabi

3. Ibrahim Labib





December 8, 2006

It was the last 2006 race

Weather was lovely, lots of riders participated

but none went to the 3rd loop.

Winners for 40 km race were as follows:

1. Ibrahim Labib

2. Sherif Fod

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