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Egyptian Equestrian Federation (EEF) races schedule will be published as soon as it's available.
EERA's races schedule is published on the recent and upcoming events page.

If you wish us to post an event, an idea or a link please send an email at:


Membership in EERA 

          For voting membership: Entrance fee EGP 500.00 and   a yearly membership fee of EGP 1000.00
For non-voting membership: a yearly fee of EGP 500.00

EERA is a non-profit organisation and our income is fully allocated  to support our endurance activities and our socio-economic develpoment projects to improve livivng conditions in  Abu Sir area.

Something To Think About

For people who are just starting out at distance riding and even for experienced riders, the search for information about feeding, training and veterinary care for our horses is vital. Two very good sites for information for novice and seasoned riders can be found at the websites for the American Endurance Riding Conference and at Endurance.Net.
Look for their articles on horse care, ride management and many other topics. Some great humour there too!!

American Endurance Ride Conference

Endurance Net

If you have an article you would like to share, or an idea for an activity, please send the information by email to:

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Send ads regarding horses, tack, or services that are either offered or wanted to the and we will post them here.

Check what activities are being planned and find out about past events

Recent and Upcoming Events