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Socio-Economic and Environmental Development Efforts in Abu Sir Village


As an NGO dedicated to sports, environment and social development, EERA committed itself in its mandate to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Abusir area and the improvement of living standards. Its main goal is to adopt a holistic approach to develop and sustain our fast growing Abusir village with the ultimate objective of improving and enhancing the quality of life to all its residents.  Accordingly EERA undertook a participatory approach in identifying and prioritizing the most pressing problems and needs in the village, then worked on designing project proposals that were submitted to a number of international donors.  Today, thanks to the Egyptian Swiss Development Fund , GTZ and UNESCO three environmental and socioeconomic development  projects are currently under implementation serving the poor and underprivileged village residents.   



EERA has taken the first step to place Abu sir village on the long road to social development, thanks to our active EERA members namely Janine Kharma, Jehan Noureddine, Randa Al Masry and Sami Tabet, without their utter dedication and commitment nothing would have been achieved.  However, more efforts still need to be put forth and time to be dedicated before we can achieve our dreams and fulfill our legacy.

Environmental Upgrading Project

Protection of Traditional Cultural Heritage

Youth and Children Center

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